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Mass, Devotion & Confession

[8 月 28日通告]

由 10 月 8 日開始,本堂將恢復晚餐廳祈禱會 (每月第二個星期四 舉行)。

[8 月 14日通告]

由 9 月 4 日開始,本堂將恢復首瞻禮六耶穌聖心敬禮。教友可自由選擇朝拜聖體時間。請將名字登記在設於大堂的時間表上。

[6 月 12日通告]


多倫多總主教於 6月10日發表了有關重開教區聖堂的聲明和時間表。為了做好重開聖堂的準備,我們已於6月12日開了工作會議。希望在教堂開放前做好一些必要及安全的措施,協助信友順利進入一個調整和過渡的時期。現在決定遵照總教區的指引,重開聖堂,日期及詳情如下。

  • 6月14日 (聖體聖血節): 聖堂開放,只供個人祈禱及朝拜聖體。
  • 6月15-16日: 聖堂可開放,只供個人祈禱。不過我們的教堂暫不開放,為重開彌撒做一些準備。
  • 6月17日: 聖堂開始舉行公開的平日彌撒。
  • 6月20日: 聖堂再次舉行公開的主日彌撒。
  • 晚餐廳祈禱會 (月第二個星期四)  -- [ 8月28日更新: 晚餐廳祈禱會 於 10月 8日恢復舉行。]
  • 堂區朝拜聖體 (每月第三個星期四) 暫停至另行通知。
  • 首瞻禮六耶穌聖心敬禮 (每月首星期五) -- [ 8月14日更新: 首瞻禮六 於 9月4日恢復舉行。]
  • 堂區辦事處仍未能開放,直至另行通知。



[August 28 Update]

The Cenacle of The Marian Movement of Priests (Second Thursday of the month) will resume on October 8.     

[August 14 Update]

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (First Friday) will resume on September 4.  The Eucharistic Adoration schedule is located in the lobby.  Please make yourself available and fill in the timeslot for Eucharistic Adoration.   

[June 12 Update]

Thank God for letting us return to church to pray and attend Mass. 

On June 10, Cardinal Collins issued an announcement regarding the timeline for the re-opening of churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto: In order to prepare well for the re-opening of the church, a work meeting was held on June 12. It is hoped that some necessary safety measures will be implemented to assist parishioners to get accustomed to such a transitional period. In line with the Archdiocese of Toronto's advice, Our church is now open as follows.

  • Sunday, June 14, 2020 – On the Feast of Corpus Christi, the church is open throughout the day for private prayer and adoration only.
  • Monday and Tuesday, June 15-16, 2020 – Churches may open for private prayer, though our Parish will remain closed for preparation of Mass.
  • Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – resume to celebrate daily Mass for the public.
  • Weekend of June 20/21, 2020 – weekend Masses esume.
Please note:
  • Cenacle of The Marian Movement of Priests (Second Thursday of the month)
    [ August 28 Update: Cenacle of The Marian Movement of Priests will resume on October 8。]
  • Adoration of the Eucharist (Third Thursday of the month) is still temporarily suspended until further notice.
  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (First Friday of the month)
    [ August 14 Update: First Friday Devotion will resume on September 4。]
  • Parish Office is still temporarily closed until further notice.
For re-opening the church, there are some rules for the protection of your health and securing your safety as well as those of the others. Please read this notice news for details. Please follow the direction of the ushers in the church. Any inconvenience caused is to be regretted. Thank you! 

Let us pray that God will continue to safe-guard the medical personnel in the front line and those who are suffering from the pandemic as well as their families. May God bless us and grant us peace!

彌撒時間 Mass Times 

主日提前彌撒     Saturday Vigil
** Limited seating - Advance registration required. **
** 座位有限 - 請預先報名登記。網上登記或電話登記 (905-887-7922) 均可**

  • 4:30 PM      (粵語 / Cantonese) 
  • 6:30 PM      (國語 / Mandarin) 

主日彌撒     Sunday Mass
** Limited seating - First come, first serve. No registration required. **
** 座位有限 - 請預先報名登記。網上登記或電話登記 (905-887-7922) 均可**

  •   8:15 AM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 
  • 10:00 AM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 
  • 12:00 PM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 
  •   2:00 PM     (英語 / English)

平日彌撒     Weekday Mass 
** Limited seating - First come, first serve. No registration required. **
** 座位有限 - 先到先得。無需事先報名。**
  • 星期一至星期      Monday - Friday
    •  8:00 AM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 
  • 星期二 及 星期四     Tuesday & Thursday 
    •   7:00 PM     (粵語 / Cantonese)

晚餐廳祈禱會     Cenacle of The Marian Movement of Priests  
** [ 8月28日更新: 晚餐廳祈禱會 於 10月 8日恢復舉行。] **
  • 每月第二個星期四     Second Thursday of the month
    •   8:00 PM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 

堂區朝拜聖體日     Parish Adoration Day  
** 暫停至另行通知 **
  • 每月第三個星期四     Third Thursday of the month
    •   8:00 PM     (粵語 / Cantonese) 

首瞻禮六耶穌聖心敬禮     Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus   
** [ 8月14日更新: 首瞻禮六 於 9月 4日恢復舉行。] **
  • 每月首星期五     First Friday of the Month 
    •  8:30 AM     明供聖體                  Exposition (until 7:00pm)
    •  7:00 PM     晚禱 及 聖體降福    Vespers and Benediction                            (粵語 / Cantonese)
    •  7:30 PM     恭敬耶穌聖心彌撒  Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
       (粵語 / Cantonese) 

告解時間     Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
  • 星期二     Tuesday 
    •  7:30 PM – 8:00 PM
  • 星期四     Thursday 
    • 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM  
  • 星期六     Saturday 
    • 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM 
  • 星期日     Sunday  
    • 1:30 PM – 1:50 PM
  • 其他時間可與神父預約。Or contact priests for appointment.

參與祭品(餅酒)的奉獻       Offering of Bread and Wine
誠邀教友主動、積極的參與各台主日彌撒中祭品 (餅酒)的奉獻。請願意參與的教友在特設的登記冊上登記,以便屆時通知您前來奉獻。

Parishioners are invited to participate in bread and wine offerings at Saturday and Sunday masses. Those who are interested may sign up in the registration book and they will be informed of the time of offering.

彌撒獻儀      Mass Intentions 
按本教區指引 ,奉獻宣佈名字的教友彌撒意向 ,須付聖堂二十加元彌撒獻儀 。

此乃愛德行動去實踐堂區一家,彼此輔助,尤其是在物質上去協助堂區,也為實現奉獻給天主的意義。昔日奉獻的是牛羊牲畜 ,今日是為便利而言卻奉獻金錢,但請緊記彌撒聖祭或任何聖事 ,都不可用金錢去衡量或作交易 ,否則該聖事已屬自動無効 。

神父依照信友們的意向奉獻彌撒,實踐了他的司祭職務為祈求天主施恩助佑 ,並為服務信友神益得救等,而舉行聖事。 

In accordance with the Archdiocesan guidelines, a parishioner wishing to offer an announced Mass intention will have to contribute $20.

This is a tangible deed of love to substantiate the notion that our parish is one family: we help one another, especially in material terms in supporting the parish, while making an offering to God. In the past, cows and goats were sacrificed. Today, for convenience money is offered, but please do remember that any Mass or Sacrament cannot be measured or ‘traded’ in monetary terms, in which case that particular Sacrament will be voided automatically.

The priest, in offering a certain Mass in accordance with the parishioner’s intention, is fulfilling his duties as priest in asking for God’s blessing and assistance and in serving the faithful for their salvation, etc.