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Stained Glass

Stained Glass Window Descriptions - Altar

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在畫室向堂區陳述意念的會議中,他們都同樣引用這兩點意念。 但是比較側重建築上的概念,而只是以非常微妙而錯綜的意念引出第二點特別之處。你要先知曉此一概念,否則你定要仔細觀察。 


在另一邊的底部窗扇,畫師展示聖母瑪利亞手抱著小耶穌,將小耶穌託付給世人。我們便更應仿效畫像中兩位小天使,以喜悅的心來迎接基督的愛。 此兩幅畫像,可讓人看出是被刻意放置在相關的位點,分別處於從死亡中復活了的基督的塑像的兩旁。 

When we as a design studio approach any commission the first step is to identify what is unique or special about this parish. In this situation there are two outstanding identifying characteristics of St. Agnes Church. 

sg3.jpgThe first is the unusual architecture of the church; the main altar windows are partially concealed until one approaches the altar. 

The second rather wonderful feature is St Agnes Kouying Tsao herself and the idea that this parish that is named in honor of St. Agnes is represented by a majority of Chinese Canadian members. 

In our presentation we have used both ideas with the main emphasis on the architecture and a very subtle reference to the second. 

In the lower sections of the altar window, the designer has drawn from two traditional images and stories from the bible. The first show Christ blessing and teaching small children "Suffer the little children to come unto me" . This is an important responsibility for all parents and the spiritual life and teaching of their children. 

With this image are the Dove; an ancient and Christian symbol of purity and peace as well as the most important aspect, which is the Holy Spirit. 

On the other side in the bottom section, we have shown "Mary, holding baby Jesus", offering Jesus' unconditional love to mankind. We are receiving this Love with joyful heart, like the two smiling angles.