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如果您從本堂區網站內其他頁面上的連結來到此 文件下載 專頁,但找不到所需的表格,請致電堂區辦事處 (905-887-7922) 查詢 或 電郵 至 。

If you are redirected to this page from given links on other pages within the Parish website but you cannot find the desired form here, please contact Parish Office (905-887-7922) or email us at .

“堂區是我家、齊來建設她”  -  籌款綜合晚會 2023
Our Parish! Our Home!  -  Fundraising Variety Show 2023


初領聖體、告解班 (2023/2024)
凡升讀二年級並準備初領聖體、告解的學生,請下載報名須知,於10月18日 (星期三) 晚上7時 30分登記上課。


First Reconciliation and First Communion Class (2023/2024)
Grade 2 students who wish to attend the First Communion and Reconciliation Class are requested to obtain a registration form and the class syllabus. Registration will be on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 7:30pm.


堅振聖事預備課程 (2023/2024)
凡升讀七、八年級並準備領受堅振聖事的學生,請下載報名須知,並於 10月17日 (星期二) 晚上 8 時登記上課。


Confirmation Class (2023/-2024)
Grades 7 and 8 students who wish to attend the Confirmation Class are requested to obtain a registration form and the class syllabus. Registration will be on Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 8pm.


主日學報名 (2023 至 2024 年度)
報名時須填妥報名表格, 帶同領洗紙副本及費用25元。於 5月28日及 6月4日到陸之樂堂登記。( 備註:堂區辦事處將不會接受任何登記表格。 敬請留意!)

Sunday School Registration (2023/2024)
Registration Days will be held on May 28 & June 4 in the Ruggiero Hall. Please return the completed form, a copy of the child's baptism certificate and $25 fee to the registration booth. (Note: Please do not submit forms to the Parish Office.)


成人國、粵語及兒童英語慕道班報名 (2023 至 2025 年度)
慕道班將於 9月勞工節過後開班,報名及查詢請與堂區辦事處聯絡。

RCIA & RCIC Classes Enrollment (2023/2025)
Classes will begin in September. Please contact the Parish Office for information and registration.



Parishioner Registration Form  
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(version: v1 - November 19, 2020)

自動轉帳捐款計劃 申請表格
Pre-Authorized Giving Plan - Enrollment Form   
 icon - download- PDF version

icon - download - Word Document version

(Form updated on November 2021)

Building Fund (Gold Leaf) Donation Form

icon - download - PDF version

icon - download - Word Document version
(version: April 2022)

Application Form For Baptism for Children
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Marriage Application Form
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申請表格 (只供善會下載使用)
** 聖堂內課室及設備只供各善會申請使用。不會向社區大眾開放。

【Booking For Parish Hall / Room or Other Equipment】
Application Form (for Parish Groups Use only) 
** Facilities are provided for Parish Groups' booking only. NOT for the public. 
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(version updated: July 28, 2023)

報賬單 (只供善會下載使用)
Reimbursement Form For Ministry / Group 
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(Form updated on Nov. 2021)

申請加入善會/服務表格 (只供善會下載使用)
** 申請人請跟隨多倫多教區之義工篩選計劃指引及政策選用合適之申請表格,以配合不同類別需要。有關指引及表格之下載,可參閱  如何申請加入善會/義工服務  網頁詳細資料。

​Volunteer for Parish Groups Application
** Please applicants follow Guidelines & Policy Info of Volunteer Screening Program delivered by Archdiocese of Toronto; and use the appropriate Volunteer Application Form in the right catalogue. Relevant Guidelines and Application Forms are available for download on How to Apply - ​Volunteer for Parish Groups page.

​Page update: 2023-07-30