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Altar Servers Ministry

As Altar Servers through serving mass, we develop a greater love for God and develop a good understanding of the profound Catholic Liturgy. We assist the priests in an appropriate and sacred manner during Mass.

The Altar Servers Ministry has 4 special goals (or seeds) we plant and nurture in the hearts of all boys and girls who serve at the altar of Our Lord:

  • Help parishioners develop a greater love for God and for the Church.
  • Develop a good understanding of the Catholic liturgy.
  • Assist the priest in an appropriate and sacred manner.
  • Grow in love of service to God and for others, and grow in leadership.

Throughout these 4 special goals (or seeds), our ministry’s main purpose is to Honour The Eucharist through Altar Service. Being an Altar Server is a commitment that is made by a young person and their family. All boys and girls are encouraged to learn to serve at the altar after receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist and being a minimum of 10 years of age as it is an honour as well as a privilege to be able to assist the parish community.

We welcome you to be part of us,

Richard Kwong & Carmen Fong (Chair & Vice-Chair)

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Updated: October 2023