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IT & Media Team


IT & Media Team is one of the parish combined supporting team within the pastoral structure. Its main functions are to provide creative assistance and support to the general operation of the parish office. We work with the office to distribute up-to-date information to parishioners through our web site, media TV and LED display board. Our main tasks are comprised of:

  • Administering Parish web site – starting January 13, 2018, the Parish migrates the original web site to an Archdiocesan web site. The new web site under Archdiocese of Toronto is mobile friendly to serve parishioners with parish's information in an efficient and convenient manner.

Working with other teams, we serve the following information for parishioners in the web site:

    • Spiritual Corner – clergies' sharing through the Parish Blog in every week
    • Weekly Bulletin – Working with Bulletin team… Weekly Bulletin is available for easy download in a timely manner.
    • Parish News, Events & Calendars – Working with Parish Office… continuous update of Parish News, Events & Calendars are maintained to help keep parishioners posted always.
    • Forms & Documents – Working with Parish Office… Forms & Documents are available for easy download.
    • Parish Ministries and Groups – introducing all ministries and groups in categories by functions within the pastoral structure
  • Managing all computers and related equipment, computer network in parish office including wi-fi network within the premises.
  • Managing the parish information media TV set at the church narthex, Church projector screens and the exterior LED digital pylon sign board at the entrance of the church.

The current team includes Albert Pang, Roger Au, Jane Qian and Francis Luk.

New members are always welcome. Please join us to be part of the Team.

Updated: 2023-08-28