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Parish Volunteer Screening Committee

Since 1999, the Archdiocese of Toronto has initiated the Parish Volunteer Screening Program to help parishioners recognize and understand the positive side of screening and the benefit to both the vulnerable and the volunteers within the communities. 

At all times, our goal, which is the protection and safety of our vulnerable people, our volunteers, and our Church, will guide our intentions and actions as we fulfil this initiative in the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

We have an obligation to protect everyone whom we serve. However, when vulnerable people participate in our programs, we have a much higher obligation to ensure their protection.  By thoroughly screening persons who will provide services to them, we ensure their safety.

The Parish Volunteer Screening Committee is responsible to support and administer the volunteer screening process.  The screening process is a legal requirement in Ontario under legislation, under the principle of Duty of Care, and is mandated by the Office of the Cardinal, and the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario.  Thank you in advance for your understanding with the screening process.

The parish volunteer screening committee consists of a volunteer screening coordinator and five parishioners appointed by the pastor.

Current volunteer screening coordinator: Deacon Thomas Kung