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‎2013 年 3 月,在上任本堂主任司鐸張少麟神父建議和帶領下, 成立了一個 [檔案工作小組] ; 專責把過往,目前和未來有關天主教聖曹桂英堂的活動資料,利用電腦有系統地加以保存。

活動資料包括: 歷年堂區重大慶典,靈修活動,聖事禮儀,到訪貴賓與神職人員和各善會的活動,以至每周堂區通訊等等; 把文字,圖片,錄像都一一數碼化, 儲存在特設的電腦內, 按名目年份歸類存檔,並設有引索方便查閱。

歡迎本堂各善會和工作小組, 將有關其活動照片或錄像, 交檔案工作小組存檔,所有材料祗供堂區刊物使用。

我們的團隊成員:Vincent On,Peter Yeung,Jane Qian 和 Francis Luk
聯絡人:Francis Luk

In March 2013, under the direction and guidance of Fr. Francis Chong (former pastor of our church), an Archive Team was created.  All activities of the St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church, including those of the past, the present, and the future are systematically recorded in a computer. 

Examples of projects are listed as the following: major parish ceremonies, spiritual activities, sacramental etiquette, visitation of guests and clergy, parish group events, weekly parish bulletin.  The text, images, and videos are scanned and stored in the computer.  They are sorted by name and year, which makes it efficient and simple to process individual information for the future. 

Welcome all parish groups and supporting teams to submit all their activities photos or videos to Archive Team. All materials are for Church publication use only.

Our team members are Vincent On, Peter Yeung, Jane Qian and Francis Luk
Contact person: Francis Luk