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Legion of Mary - Our Lady of Fatima Junior Praesidium

Our Lady of Fatima Junior Praesidium

LOM Junior -1

Legion of Mary is an international association of lay Catholics, the objective of which is to glorify God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation in Mary’s and the Church’s work.  The Junior Praesidium is designed for Catholic youths younger than 18 years old.  In Legion of Mary, members are army set in battle array.  By taking their place in the ranks of the Legion, members promise to be faithful to God and march with Mary to renew the face of the earth with graces provided by God.

LOM Junior -2

At St. Agnes Tsao, members of the Our Lady of Fatima Junior Praesidium perform various active legionary work assignments and attend meeting weekly.  Weekly work assignments include managing the parish library, serving as teaching assistants in children's first communion class,  collecting gifts for the Christmas gift drive, and participating in Parish Bazaar, Children Christmas Party, and  Parish Variety Show. Apart from weekly assignments and meetings, members also attend annual retreat, and occasionally visit senior homes and pilgrimage sites.

LOM Jinior -3