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Youth Pastoral Team (YPT)


YPT Committee

The Youth Pastoral Team (青年牧民組 - YPT) works together with the various youth groups in the parish to create a fun, safe and nourishing environment for youths to grow spiritually and learn more about the Roman Catholic faith. Youth groups at St. Agnes Tsao Catholic Church include: Altar Servers Ministry (Ages 10 and up), Legion of Mary - Junior (Ages 12-18), Youth Mandarin Group (Ages 12-18), St. Louis Teenagers Group (Ages 12-19), and YOSAC - Youth of St Agnes Church (Ages 16-25).  

YPT oversees the pastoral planning and the coordination for all youth activities in order to identify and address any resources or supports required. This primarily involves the management of the annual youth events timetable, reviewing the annual youth budget, and making necessary recommendations in the application process of the Parish Youth Ministry Fund to the Finance Council. Youth initiatives in the parish include activities for spiritual growth, liturgical events, service opportunities, parish community life, and other diocesan or external youth events.  

YPT Meeting

In addition to its administrative role, the Team also encourages all leaders working with youth to come together during meetings (also known as Encounters) and formations for sharing and bonding. Recognizing the potential challenges of taking on a leadership role within youth groups, the Encounters are meant to create a support system for those who dedicate their time and effort to serve youth in any way. Through sharing, reflection and team building activities, youth group leaders are encouraged to first and foremost focus on their own spiritual wellness, so that they may be able to share their knowledge and wisdom with the youth.  

As the name suggests, YPT Encounters are opportunities for youth group leaders to 'encounter Christ' in their leadership roles. Skills training and spiritual formation are also key aspects that YPT hopes to facilitate so that leaders can be companions on the journey with each other and the youths that they serve.

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