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Church Building Pastor

建堂司鐸 - 江潤坤神父 

Church Building - Fr. Dominic Kong (2)一九五七年, 短小精幹的 Dominic (多迷你) 兄弟回應聖召, 入讀於當時的聖神小修院, 並於六一年完成中學課程。 並於同年進入當時華南總修院攻讀神學, 於一九六七年晋升執事聖品, 被派住深水埗聖五傷方濟各堂服務。 

江神父於一九六八年八月十日晋升鐸品, 並被派住大埔聖母聖心堂展開牧民工作。三十五年來, 江神父在港九不同 堂區服務, 並兼任教區多間中小學校監之職。 

一九九八年, 聖曹桂英堂主任司鐸陸之樂神父陸神父因健康理由返回意大利休養。在多倫多總主教誠意邀請之下,香港主教便委派江潤坤神父來加接替陸神父之職務, 處理堂區工作。 

Church Building - Fr. Dominic Kong (3)江神父接任後, 繼續展開牧民工作, 推展建堂計劃及籌募建堂基金, 並使牧民工作能深入主流社會, 造福人群。得到上主的祝福及各教友的熱心支持, 建堂工程於二零零零年八月順利展開。主保真福曹桂英也於同年十月被宣封為殉道聖人。 

轉瞬間, 江神父己為我們服務八年,建樹良多。二零零二年 九月二十二日, 多倫多總主教親臨主持新堂祝聖典禮及堂區成立十週年慶典。 

江神父於二零零六年中,因健康理由並得多倫多主教府同意, 榮休返回香港, 功成身退。


Church Building Pastor - Rev. Fr. Dominic Kong 

Church Building - Fr. Dominic Kong (1)

In 1957, the young and energetic Dominic Kong answered God's call and attended Holy Spirit Seminary in Hong Kong. Four years later, Dominic completed his secondary education and continued his studies at the Regional Seminary (later merged with Holy Spirit Seminary). 

In 1967, the mature Dominic was appointed Deacon and started serving at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Hong Kong. 

On August 10,1968, at age 27, Fr. Dominic Kong was ordained and officially began his priesthood at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Tai Po. In the past 35 years, Fr. Kong was Pastor of various parishes in Hong Kong. 

During the same period, Fr. Kong was actively involved on the Catholic School Board of the Hong Kong Diocese. 

In 1998, upon request of the Archdiocese of Toronto, the late Cardinal Wu of Hong Kong appointed Fr. Kong to succeed Fr. Nicola Ruggiero,P.I.M.E, as the new Pastor of the then Blessed Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Mission. (Pope Leo XIII proclaimed Agnes Kouying Tsao "Blessed" on May 27, 1900.) 

Fr. Kong is welcomed by the local parishioners; some of them have known him for decades. He continued to work on the church building project both in the finalization of church design and the fundraising campaign. 

With a lot of hard work and God's blessing, the construction of Blessed Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church began in August,2000. In October the same year, Pope John Paul II canonized Blessed Agnes Kouying Tsao as a Martyr-Saint. The Parish was officially named Saint Agnes Kouying Tsao. 

Saint Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church crossed into a new era on September 22, 2002 when His Eminence Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, Archdiocese of Toronto celebrated the Parish 10th Anniversary and Consecration Mass. 

Fr. Dominic Kong retired and returned to Hong Kong in mid 2006.