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[ 7月 16日更新]

安省於 7 月 16 日星期五進入重啟經濟計劃的第三階段。聖堂內舉行的彌撒及其他禮儀將沒有座位數量的限制,但出席教友之間仍需保持兩米(六英尺)的社交距離 ( 同一家庭的成員除外 )。為遵守社交距離的限制,實際上,每台彌撒允許的座位數量並沒有顯著增加。

堂區將持續提供平日早上及晚間彌撒、週六提前彌撒和主日彌撒。每台彌撒的座位數量仍維持在 25% 左右。

  • 平日彌撒是採用“先到先得”方式入座參與。
  • 週六提前彌撒及主日彌撒則需要提前報名登記。網上預約參與彌撒於每個星期二的上午10點開始。多謝各位!

Attention: Re-Opening of Mass Guidelines / 彌撒重開教友指引 (2020-06-26)

Saturday Vigil / 週六提前彌撒 (7月31日)

  • 4:30pm (粵語)
  • 6:30pm (國語)

Sunday Mass  / 主日彌撒 (8月1日)

  •  8:15am (粵語)
  • 10:00am (粵語)
    • 此台彌撒同時進行現場直播。參與彌撒者當同意其影像可能出現在直播中。敬請留意。
  • 12:00pm (粵語)
  • 2:00pm (英語 / English)

網上預約開始:  7月27日 (星期二) 上午10點

[July 16 Update]

Ontario is moving to Step 3 of Roadmap to Reopen on Friday, July 16. There will be no capacity limit for indoor sacramental celebrations, but two metres (six feet) of physical distancing will still be required between parishioners who are not from the same household. This physical distancing requirement results that we will not see significant increases in capacity inside the church.

Our Parish will continue celebrating weekday/weeknight Masses, Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses as scheduled. In compliance with the physical distancing requirement, the seating capacity is maintained around 25%.

  • Weekday/weeknight Masses are open "First Come First served".
  • Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses require registration in advance. Online registration begins every Tuesday at 10am. Thank you!

Attention: Re-Opening of Mass Guidelines / 彌撒重開教友指引 (2020-06-26)

Saturday Vigil (July 31) / 週六提前彌撒

  • 4:30pm (Cantonese)
  • 6:30pm (Mandarin)

Sunday Mass (August 1)  / 主日彌撒

  •   8:15am (Cantonese)
  • 10:00am (Cantonese)
    • Please note: This public Mass will be live-streamed and attendance at Mass indicates consent that your image may appear at the livestream. Thank you.
  • 12:00pm (Cantonese)
  •   2:00pm (English)

Open for Reservation: 10:00 am, Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Note: if you are asked for a password, it means the online registration for the upcoming Saturday Vigil & Sunday Mass is not open yet. Please wait! Thank you for your patience.