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Ministries / Parish Support Groups

Parish Administration

  • 堂區牧民議會   Pastoral Planning Council
  • 財務委員會   Finance Council
  • 堂區運作組   Operation and Maintenance Team (OMT)
  • Parish Volunteer Screening Committee

Youth Ministries

  • 青年牧民組   Youth Pastoral Team (YPT)
  • 聖曹桂英堂青年組   Youth of St. Agnes Church (YOSAC)
  • 天主教聖曹桂英堂兒童歌詠團   SATCC Children's Choir

Liturgical Ministries

  • 輔祭會   St. Dominic Savio Altar Servers Ministry 
  • 送聖體員會   Ministry of Holy Eucharist
  • 服務組   Ministry of Hospitality
  • 聖言宣讀組   Ministry of Lectors 
  • 希望重燃組   Consolation & Hope

Music Ministries

  • 聖家聖詠團   Holy Family Choir (4:30 pm Saturday Mass)
  • 聖瑪利德蓮國語歌詠團   St Mary Magdalene Mandarin Choir (6:30 pm Saturday Mass)
  • 聖則濟利亞聖詠團   St. Cecilia Choir (8:15 am Sunday Mass)
  • 聖曹桂英聖詠團   St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Choir (10:00 am Sunday Mass)
  • 聖方濟各聖詠團   St. Francis of Assisi Choir (12:00 noon Sunday Mass)
  • 熾愛天使聖詠團   Seraphim Choir (2:00 pm Sunday Mass)

Sacramental Preparation

  • 初領聖體班   First Communion Class
  • 堅振班   Confirmation Class
  • 婚前準備工作坊   Marriage Preparation Workshop

Faith Development

  • 成人慕道組   Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
  • 主日學   Sunday School
  • 靈修組   Spiritual Group
  • 聖召組   The Vocation Team
  • 聖經研讀學會   Bible Study Society
  • 國語教友促進會   Mandarin Apostolate

Lay Associations

  • 哥倫布騎士會   Knights of Columbus
  • 聖母軍 - 在天中國之后支團   Legion of Mary - Our Lady of China in Heaven Praesidium
  • 聖母軍 - 花地瑪聖母青年支團   Legion of Mary - Our Lady of Fatima Junior Praesidium
  • 公教童軍   Catholic Scouts (6th Richmond Hill Scout Group)
  • 基督活力善會   Chinese Cursillo

Parish Support Groups (1)

  • 聖若瑟耆樂會   St. Joseph Senior Group
  • 夫婦同心會   Ministry of Marriage Life
  • 夫婦同樂會   Mandarin Marriage Encounter Group
  • 病患之友會   Friends of the Sick Group 
  • 親子會   Parenting Group
  • 影音組   Audio Visual Group

Parish Support Groups (2)

  • 資訊科技組   IT & Media Team
  • 堂區通訊組   Parish Bulletin Editorial Team
  • 插花小組   Floral Arrangement Team
  • 檔案工作小組   Archive Team
  • 牧羊人基金   The Shepherds' Trust
  • 教區公益金   ShareLife

Edit Notes (2023-08-21)
Summary includes previous minor edit prior to 2023-08-21 since first launch.

Groups no longer functioning / removed from listing:

  • (2023-08-21) 聖類斯少年培育組   St. Louis Teenagers Group (SLTG)
  • (2023-08-21) 青年國語組   Youth Mandarin Group   (YMG - Yes My God)
  • (2023-08-21)  聖召組   The Vocation Team

2023-08-21  'Outreach Ministries' Category is now renamed as 'Lay Associations' Category

公教童軍   Catholic Scouts (6th Richmond Hill Scout Group)

  • Was moved to 'Outreach Ministries' Category.
  • Edit: 2023-08-21 / Now renamed as 'Lay Associations' category

基督活力善會   Chinese Cursillo

  • 2023-08-21 Moved to 'Lay Associations' Category

Parish Support Group Category - split 11 groups into 2 sub-groups (1) & (2) - (x6, x5 respectively)

  • to make the list display more user friendly on browsers. 

2023-08-21 Moved '聖若瑟耆樂會   St. Joseph Senior Group' from 'Outreach Ministries' to 'Parish Support Group (1)'

2023-08-21 Moved '插花小組   Floral Arrangement Team' from 'Parish Support Group (1)' to "Parish Support Group (2)' to make the lists even, 6 by 6.

2023-08-28 Moved up listing (still in Group 2)

  • 資訊科技組   IT & Media Team
  • 堂區通訊組   Parish Bulletin Editorial Team

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