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News 2021-04-23

Posted : Apr-23-2021

聖曹桂英華人騎士屬會15176現已推動為支持善牧施濟會各項服務, 由現在直至五月尾籌集資金購買急需食物,住宿和醫療必須用品.

捐款方法: 支票 (支付給Good Shepherd Ministries) 或 電子轉帳到

凡$10或以上 善牧施濟會直接發回退稅收據. 謹請填妥捐款表 (可電郵 索取) 寄回堂區辦事處(註明 KOC 15176)或附回電郵到

你的善款帮助依靠善牧施濟會各項服務的弟兄姐妹能够生活下去. 主祐!

Knights of Columbus KY Tsao Chinese Council 15176 has initiated a Fundraising campaign until the end of May 2021 to support Good Shepherd Ministries to purchase essential items on their Wish List for their ongoing Meal Program, dormitory and medical clinic this year.

Donations by cheque (made payable to Good Shepherd Ministries) ; or e transfer to : 

For donation $10 or over, Good Shepherd Ministries will issue tax refund receipt to donors directly.

Please send your donation together with donation form (available by email to ) for tax refund receipt to St Agnes KY Tsao Parish (Attention: KOC 15176) or email to  .

Your donations help sustain and transform the lives of people who reply on Good Shepherd Ministries. God bless!