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四旬期苦路善功 / Stations of The Cross during Lent

Posted : Feb-02-2023

Stations of the Cross

四旬期內,由 2 月 24 日起 有苦路善功,禮儀於聖堂進行。鼓勵家長帶同家中孩童來參與。


  • 粵語: 2月 24日至 3 月 31 日 (逢星期五 - 晚上7時)
  • 國語: 2月 25日、3 月11 及 25 日 (星期六 - 晚上 7 時 45分)
  • 英語: 3月 4 及 18日 (星期六 - 晚上 7 時 45分) 及 4月7日 (聖週五 - 早上10時)


  • 3月3日 (3月第一個星期五) 早上8時彌撒後朝拜聖體至下午6時。7時開始拜苦路。(當晚首瞻禮六晚上彌撒暫停)。
  • 4月7日 (4月第一個星期五) 首瞻禮六晚上彌撒暫停。

Stations of the Cross During Lent

Starting from February 24 and throughout Lent, Stations of the Cross Devotion will be taken place in the Church. Parishioners are encouraged to join in.

Date/time schedule:

  • Cantonese: Starting from February 24 and throughout Lent, at 7:00 pm on Friday evenings
  • Mandarin: February 25, March 11 & 25, at 7:45pm on Saturdays;
  • English: March 4 & 18 at 7:45pm on Saturdays; and April 7 (Good Friday) at 10 am

Remarks: Holy Mass on First Friday during Lent will be cancelled.

  • March 3, the First Friday of March - the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will begin after the 8:00 am mass and finish at 6:00 pm. Stations of the Cross will start at 7:00 pm
  • April 7, the First Friday of April - Holy Mass in the evening will be cancelled.