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Spiritual Corner - Lord, You Really Heard My Prayer

Posted : Jan-13-2023

All Christians have experiences in praying. You may be one who prays everyday; or one who doesn’t pray often; or one who only prays when required or in urgent need. No matter how you practice praying, your concern should be whether your prayer is heard and answered by God. Are you one who puts all your trust in God after praying, or one who still worries even after praying to Him? Despite all, we all pray to God as Christians. So, it is amazing for one who has not been baptized to trust in God and pray earnestly to Him. If such a person’s prayer is answered, then it would be more encouraging for us to trust in God. The following is the witness of one who has not been baptized yet whose prayer has been answered by the Lord.

One of the catechumen of RCIA Mandarin class gives an account of her encounter with God last December: “I want to share with you my prayer experience. I have been in Canada for more than half a year. Originally I was to start my Catechism class in September, but because my home is quite far away and it is inconvenient for me to travel, I can only come now. I prayed to God for persistence and entrusted my traveling problems to Him. One week after the other, the catechism class progressed. Then came the rehearsal for the Rite of Acceptance in December. I sat beside another catechumen. While chatting, we learned that we were living close to each other, so we decided that next time we would go to church together and communicate via WhatsApp. Then on Saturday, when the Rite of Acceptance took place, she came to fetch me and we made our way to Church together. Thank you God!

During the Rite of Acceptance, Father Loh bade us to think about what was the most important thing in our heart. A special thought suddenly popped up in my head. To my surprise, when I was home and at about 9:20 p.m., the phone rang and everything turned out to be so wonderful. Thank you God for your blessing. I just want to share with you my happiness today.”

James 1:6 reminds us what true happiness is: “When you pray you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like the waves at the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” I believe that because of her faith, the catechumen’s prayer was accepted and answered by God.

Sr. Thomas Lo