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Spiritual Corner - Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You

Posted : Mar-03-2023

Self-healing is so simple with these four phrases: Sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.

All our negative feelings are part of our self-defensive system. Anger, jealousy, sorrow, fear and such other feelings are to protect us from external harm. Self admonitions are to encourage to do better. Many have too much negative feelings to be cleared. The actual way to clearing these is by using words of love, to continuously accept all of our subconscious beings, accept our own thinking, belief, feelings, whether they are evil thinking or very negative feelings. Let’s go into the deeper meaning of these four phrases!

Sorry—because we finally realize our role in this conflict. Originally we thought that it was other’s fault, but now we realize that we ourselves should also be responsible.

Please forgive me—when we understand our own faults and that we should also be responsible, so it is also natural for us to ask for other’s forgiveness. Humbleness begins here, the first step to step-down from our ego. To offer our hands in friendliness is also a show of courage.

Thank you—because we understand the ultra meaning of togetherness, the invaluableness of our togetherness. Within this time and space, everything happening, everything we learn, depends on our relationship with each other. Meaningful and valuable relationship is real.

I love you— love overrides everything in order for us to enter into the realm of grace and mercy. Love lifts the boundaries to all. Love allows us to know our true selves. Between ourselves, what else can exist other than love? What word can stand between us? Would any normal person refuse love and all love brings?

Sickness reminds us to take good care of ourselves. If we want to clear ourselves of fear and related negative feelings, try saying to your fear, “Sorry for not accepting you. Please forgive me. Thank you for protecting me in your way. I love you.” If we want to clean up our body and restore our health, try saying to our body, “Sorry for not having taken good care of you. Please forgive me. Thank you for working for me all these time. I love you.”

Hope all parishioners would take good care of themselves in the love of God.

Sr. Magdalena Yang